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Our company specializes in creating mobile web sites for law firms and attorneys, as well as optimizing traditional web sites for devices like the Blackberry, iPhone, Android and more.

Why You Need a Mobile Site Now

Mobile websites deliver increased web traffic and client inquiries.

They allow clients to access your law firm anytime, anywhere, improving your image and customer service.

In fact, experts predict that mobile devices will soon overthrow the personal computer as the No. 1 computer platform in the United States. Morgan Stanley Research forecasts that smart phone sales will outpace those of PCs by 2012. Between April 2009 and April 2010 alone, the number of U.S. smart phone users who have used mobile applications and mobile browsers doubled to nearly 40 million.

Are you ready for the revolution?

Why You Should Choose PaperStreet

When you select our company to design your mobile web site, you get our 10+ years of custom web design experience and support. Our core business caters to the unique needs of lawyers, attorneys and law firms. Our mobile site design process is quick and hassle-free.

More than anything, mobile web design for law firms and attorneys is about simplicity – clean visuals, intuitive navigation, on-point content. Simple doesn’t mean easy. Simple requires taste and restraint. Simple requires knowing your priorities and focusing on what is important.

Let PaperStreet create a clean, compelling mobile web site for your law firm. Call us today at 954.523.2181.

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