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Simple and Hassle-Free Mobile Web Sites

We have developed a quick-and-easy process for developing mobile sites for solo attorneys, medium-sized law firms and large firms alike. We do all the work for you and have your site ready to launch in as little as two weeks. Typically, the process unfolds in five simple steps:

  1. You contact us for a mobile web site. We determine your needs and send you a contract within one business day. See our Pricing page for cost details.
  2. Upon receipt of contract, we begin work. We go over our Creative Brief to outline the process.
  3. We then design a theme to mirror your existing branding, but in a mobile format. We present the design for your approval.
  4. After design approval, we next code your existing site to appear in a more mobile-friendly format for smart phone users, or develop a unique mobile site from scratch.
  5. Launch! Once we have received your approval, your mobile web site goes live.

What Our Mobile Design Services Include

When you select PaperStreet to design your mobile web site, you get our 10+ years of custom web design experience and support. Our core business caters to the unique needs of lawyers, attorneys and law firms. As part of our mobile site services, we:

  • Help you Choose a Domain. Typically we recommend a “m” sub-domain of your main domain, such as:
  • Help you Choose Content. Not all content needs to be on your mobile site. We help set up a usable mobile site.
  • Design Theme. Design a clean site with intuitive navigation and proven usability (or optimize your existing site to make it mobile-friendly);
  • Detection Script. Use the latest technology to make sure your site is accessible to users of the greatest variety of smart phones, including the Blackberry, iPhone, Android and more; and
  • Support. Offer superior support, including web hosting, updates to the mobile site, and tech support.

Mobile sites present unique challenges. Our design process takes into account:

  • Smaller Screen Sizes;
  • Differing Screen Dimensions and Resolutions;
  • Varying User Interfaces and Web Browsers;
  • Devices in which Flash and Javascript are unsupported; and
  • Limited Bandwidth.

We know what works and include the following elements on all pages:

  • Logo;
  • Phone number;
  • Tagline;
  • Calls to Action;
  • Brief Text (and option to view full text);
  • Navigation Buttons; and
  • Contact Info.

Let our PaperStreet create a clean, compelling mobile web site for your law firm. Call us today at 954.523.2181.

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